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The go to option of my youth was to be outdoors. Rain, snow, or sunshine, it didn’t matter. My passion for athletics and the natural world permeated my high school and college years. In the midst of a move to Colorado several years ago to help reset life, I discovered trail running and ultra running, and found my passion to be in nature for hours on end, while testing my own personal physical and mental limits. Each year I’ve become an expanding student of running. Now winning and competing in ultramarathons of 50km to 100 miles that I used to only worry about finishing. Now tackling training and adventures I used to only dream of attempting. Every morning I wake up looking forward to the miles ahead. Read more


I love to share this passion of running any distance and any surface with whomever I can. I am always looking for the next opportunity to coach and share my knowledge and experience of road, trail, and ultra running to help others build a resiliency and strength of body and mind, and develop a love of the time and miles through the fulfillment that is running. Read more


Follow me on my journey, as I share my experience of trail running, ultramarathons, and all things running that come along the way. Read more


I am always on the look out for authentic brands I can promote and support that help me through my next training, race, recovery, or adventure. Contact me below for partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Read more

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