At a certain age, the thought of play seems most appropriate when referring to the little kids around. When did the idea of “playing” reach it’s socially enforced expiration date? When I don’t play for too long, I get depressed. Life seems gray, with smiles and laughs harder to come by. Even typing the word “play” into this post bubbles up internal murmurings of immaturity and juvenility. When a man becomes all work and no play, he’s no longer fully human. Running can be a drawn out drama of the hero pinned against it’s undaunting challenge. Or, in a different light, it can be an extended comedy of irony and laughs. And, with comedy, comes “play.”

Running is full of play. I meet a group of guys Thursday mornings for a regular sunrise, pre work trail run, followed by coffee and bullshitting. Friday morning is time for the Breakfast Club Run, which is another sunrise outing around a nearby park with a handful of friends, followed by coffee and pancakes.  Playing isn’t always social. Sometimes it’s hopping over roots and rocks on a trail or sprinting like a kid in a park during a workout. 

I still occasionally struggle with the balance of tradegy vs comedy. Some days are filled with darkness and seriousness when I know I should laugh it all off, while other days are filled with smiles when I know I’m procrastinating with confronting the uneasy feelings inside. I like to be as hard ass about running as anyone when the time is right. This focus is one of my therapies that helps nudge me into reflection, trials and triumphs, and self imposed adversity that provides an opportunity to refine my character.  But, laughing and play is therapy too, and is just as worthy of an outlook. 

~Get Out and Get After It. Happy Running Ya’ll~

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