The Changing Seasons

The days get shorter, the nights longer, and the cool edges into cold at times. Summer is definitely over, and the autumn season is in full swing here in Colorado.  My own running usually reflects the changing of the seasons. Winter to spring leads to more natural excitement and motivation, with some new found energy. Spring to summer means the more present sun makes for longer days in the mountains, trying to squeeze more out of the new extra hours with the freedom of only shorts and a t-shirt. And now, it’s summer into fall.

The hundreds of hours of running through the year typically culminate with a late summer/early fall race that leaves me drained. It’s a fulfilling feeling. Months of devotion, drive, discipline come together in a singular effort.  Some needed recovery and unstructured time usually follows. With the cold nights and mornings, staying inside starts to feel a little bit more comfortable. I find it’s a good time to reflect.  

Now is the time I always take to make an honest inventory of running…. 

How is running fitting in to my life?  What needs to change? 

What have been my strengths this year? What are my clear weaknesses?

Where can I go for knowledge, guidance, and advice in these areas?

I find that now is the time to soak up the ease of being on the trails before winter brings what it may. Fall is calm to me, a time to clear my mind, and reflect. Winter brings the building and improving of the foundations of a strong, healthy, fit mind and body. So, for now, it’s time to let the calm take its rightful place.

~Get Out and Get After It. Happy Running Ya’ll~

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