Your Running

I grew up playing all sort of sports mixed with a bunch of other temporary interests and causing trouble in the neighborhood. But, throughout it all, I never pursued running. I stumbled upon it 8 years ago as I was trying to clean up my mind and body.  I had started going out for 30 minute runs just to get out side a bit more. After a stressful week, I left the door of my apartment, and just kept running until the anxiety and anger calmed down. 20 mile later my legs barely worked, I was depleted, but I had a leveling of my body and mind I hadn’t felt since the days of running around all day long as a kid.  From there, it took a year to ramp up to a 50 miler. My legs buckled underneath my body for 3 days after finishing it. Then it took another year to attempt a 100 miler, finishing in a time that’s close to almost double what I can run the same distance in now. Months of physical therapy and recovery followed. 

Slowly I found myself back to yearning for consistent days out on the trails, sidewalks, and streets. I caught the bug. 

Ever since, running has been a venue to explore my mental fortitude, to test myself. It’s a simple path compared to other pursuits in life. Yes, there’s a lot of knowledge to consume around proper training and a healthy lifestyle, but in general hard, be consistent, and take care of your body. 

I have found community, calm, and connection through running, but yet still, the vast majority of my miles are alone.  My running is about pushing my limits, about being a better version of myself. It’s about discipline, commitment, delayed gratification, and expansion. I get it, this is not for everyone.  You may seek running as a way to clean up your health, get outside more often, spend time with friends, or explore a new area. I’ve experienced all of this too, and I think there is room for everyone to define the experience as their own. You don’t have to be on a training plan, or trying to get faster to be a runner. It’s an activity that can what you make it, and can enrich your life in whatever way you please. 

I’m inspired regularly by world record breakers, and those just out to take in a couple dozen minutes of sun. So, pause, and think, what is this running for in my life right now? It can change and morph over time, but whatever the answer is right now – DO THAT!   We should all be happy and supportive to one another for whatever running brings.

Kipocoghe put it best after break the two hour marathon this weekend, “Together, when we run, we can make this world a beautiful world,”

~Get Out and Get After It. Happy Running Ya’ll~

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