PASSION – Finding it…

“Find your passion.” “Life is about passion.” “Pursue your passion.” “Passion is energy.”

In a culture that does not necessarily set us up for a connected lives, fulfulling jobs, healthy relationships, or healthy bodies, many hum along in the gray, not knowing what sets them on fire. Finding a passion in life is tricky. I’ve found it’s more trial and error than anything else, and connecting to what makes you feel “more like you.” So, I’m starting a short series on passion, with this first focusing on how to find a passion.

I’m passionate about running. I constantly want to run….learn about it, share it, praise it, live and breathe it.  If I could run as a profession, it would be an absolute no brainer to me. I went through some dark periods in my twenties where life felt absolutely empty, no direction, no vibrancy, and definitely no passion.  Running helped make my life actually feel alive. 

So how to find a passion? I think it’s a lot of trial and error. For me, I thought back to the times in life that were the happiest, specifically when I was a kid.  I was hardly ever indoors growing up, no matter the weather or time of day. I’ve had other hobbies I’ve tried to rekindle from youth, but running just seemed to check off so much I was trying to enjoy.

The trial and error wasn’t just a total shot in the dark though.  I read a few articles, a book or two about running, and had this little voice say, “wow, that sounds interesting/cool/badass.”  I allowed myself to follow that voice a little further. With other things that peaked my interest, that voice led me to enjoying something new or more in depth for just a handful of weeks or months, but with running, it stuck.  Sometimes it isn’t clear what is just an interest/hobby and what is going to be a passion. You have to allow yourself and put some effort in to exploring anything that calls you.

Finally, I don’t think passion has to be what we normally think of when we hear those refrains from commencement speeches.  Passion can be family, helping others, providing, supporting, and other selfless acts. Passion often involves others, it does not have to be a pursuit or activity that causes you to be alone or to lack connections in life. Often, supportive communities, family, and friends help you realize who you are, and what sets you on fire, so don’t be afraid to turn to others for help, or to help when trying to find more passion in life.

~Get Out and Get After It.~

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