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I grew up spending long days outdoors as a kid in neighborhood streets, backyards, driveways, rolling forests, and expansive corn fields of Pennsylvania where it was never too early or too late to be outside. I arrived to Denver, Colorado in 2010, worn out from a stressful job, in weak mental and physical health, and with my energetic and athletic life of my youth a distant memory. Then, I found running. It started with a couple miles at a time to help shed some extra weight and regain the power of my lungs, the strength of my legs, and the peace of my mind. At a local running store, a 50 mile race poster hung and caught my eye. I stared in wonder, shaking my head, thinking about people actually completing such an event. Then I wondered…what if? What if I could be one of those people? What if I was more capable than I ever entertained? I thought, maybe this improbable goal was the jolt and test I was longing for during this period of transformation. I finished the race, with my legs buckling underneath me constantly the following days after. A year later, another 50 miler, and another painfully tough finish. Six month after, my first 100 mile race, where my 32 hour finish made competing at these distances seem like a mere fantasy.

But, I caught the bug. I found my tribe, I found my passion, and I found my joy. I knew I couldn’t retreat, and I dug in for the long haul. I started learning everything I could about the sport of running, further working on my emotional and mental health, and chipping away at the impossibility of improvement. Over the next several years and thousands of miles, with setbacks along the way, improvement trickled and then flooded in. I have gone from barely finishing, to consistently winning ultra marathons from 50 km to 100 mile, and competing in the country’s most elite races. Along the way, my times in shorter distances have all dropped significantly as well, and each season brings more learning, more growing, more resilience, and more fun. I am always looking to build overall strength, pushing my own personal limits in training and racing, and striving to continually develop a resilient mind and body that leaves me smiling and ready for the many adventures ahead…

  • Never Summer 100k 2018 Winner
  • Black Hills 50k 2019 Winner
  • Lake Martin 100 mile 2019 Winner
  • Grand Mesa 100 mile 2017 Winner
  • Mueller Marathon 2018 Winner (on day seven of a personal challenge of a marathon every day for a week, where day one included a Boston Qualifier time at Revel Rockies Marathon)
  • Eight 100 mile finishes
  • Eight 50 mile finishes
  • Five 100 km finishes
  • Adventure Runs Include: Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, Zion Traverse, and Bryce Canyon Traverse

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