I’m a Lydiard Training Certified coach, three time Frontier League High School Boys Cross Country Coach of the Year, a coach of adults at all levels and distances (5k to marathons to ultramarathons and all the way up to 100 milers), and a continual student of the sport.

My Approach

Every runner is unique and has their own unique goals, strengths, and challenges. I don’t believe in just following a generic training plan that anyone could google for themselves. A person’s running background, life circumstances, and outlook on running are critical factors into creating a training program that leads to fulfillment as a runner, an injury resistant body, and longevity in the sport.

My Methodology

I adapt the methodologies of Arthur Lydiard, Jack Daniels, Tim Noakes, Matt Fitzgerald, and many other experts in the endurance world to focus on building the foundations of a strong and healthy runner. I want each runner to break through into new levels of fitness, speed, resiliency, and fun with running. Each plan is customized for every runner, whether you’re an experienced runner or exploring running for the first time.

Pricing and Offerrings

For $110 / month (for any athlete at any level) you’ll get :

  • An interactive training plan updated every two weeks.
  • Unlimited contact.
  • Consistent, as needed, adjusting of training to help get you to the start line happy, healthy, and fit. This is not a one size fits all relationship, you are YOU and we’ll work together to make sure you get the most you can and want out of training and racing.
  • Unconditional support.
  • Unlimited terrible humor.
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